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Here are a few of our recent events of the last year.


Shabbat evening, Friday, February 13 at 6:30pmKatz
and Shabbat, Saturday, February 14 at 10am

Five hundred thousand Jews live in France.  What are the possibilities for their future?  Professor Steven Katz will put the situation of French Jews in an historic and contemporary perspective.

On Friday evening, after Shabbat services we will have an entirely catered Persian style dinner with members of North Shore Congregation Israel at 7:30 pm and then hear his presentation.  On Shabbat afternoon we will explore the issues in more depth.

Here are three short articles that will orient you.
From the Times of Israel
French Jewry 101: From Rashi to Dreyfus to Hyper Caher

From the New York Times
an article describing the current conflict between religious minorities and the ideal of a secular state in France:
Old Tradition of Secularism Clashes With France’s New Reality.

From the Jewish Forward
an article focusing on the Dreyfus case as the key example of French attitudes: Je Suis Dreyfus
by Jenna Weissman Joselit