A Different Kind of Synagogue

At many other synagogues, people are “consumers” of Jewish services from institutional professionals. The professionals do it all while the congregants watch.
At Aitz Hayim, we own our own Judaism. We believe that we are capable enough and interested enough to be a community in which we can learn from outstanding teachers to be the kind of Jews we want to be. We are a member led congregation; which weaves practices from Reform, Conservative, Traditional and Renewal ways of being Jewish.
Cantor David Landau, the mohel for so many in the Chicagoland area, brings his whole self to every prayer experience and life cycle event.
Rabbi Elan Babchuck, Director of Inovation at CLAL,  Cantor David Landau, Cantor Judith Golden and musicians Aaron Kula, Kalyan Pathek, and Larry Gray  to explore new and relevant ways to experience the Days of Awe.
* We study with the finest scholars in the country.
* We aren’t part of a traditional denomination so we’re free to take the best of all the different styles.
* We make our life cycle events personal and experiential.
* We believe people should laugh, cry, learn, and feel at shul.